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Bridal Makeup

Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life. 

All eyes are on the bride, 

and you will be photographed more on this day than any other. 


With professional  wedding makeup you can achieve a flawless look that is 

breathtaking when you walk down the aisle, fabulous in photographs, 

and long lasting through the events of the day. 

Pro makeup artist Sierra Buchanan is certified in 
traditional and airbrush makeup artistry. 

A bridal makeup preview is recommended prior to your wedding day.

Consultations are complimentary.

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Bridal Menu

Bridal Makeup
$ 2 2 5

full face bridal makeup (airbrush or traditional), strip lashes
airbrushing on upper chest & back
includes touch-up kit & travel within 20 miles

** 4 person minimum required for weekend wedding bookings **

Bridal Makeup Preview
$ 9 5

full face bridal makeup, strip lashes
90 minute session, in studio

Wedding Party Makeup
$ 8 5

any makeup add-on for bridal party or VIP
full face makeup, strip lashes

Lashes a la Carte
$ 2 0

strip lashes or individual

Tattoo Coverage
price quotes are based on the size of tattoo

Custom Packages

Couture Bridal Package
$ 4 9 5

includes bridal consultation, makeup preview, 
a full set of eyelash extensions,
bridal airbrush makeup, airbrushing on upper chest and back,
touch-up kit & travel within 20 miles
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Bridal Touch-Up Kit

your custom touch-up kit includes 
a pod containing your lip color, 
lip brush, 
organic facial blotting sheets, 
and mints.
Bridal Reservations
R E S E R V I N G   T H E   D A T E

C O N T R A C T  &  D E P O S I T   R E Q U I R E D

M I N I M U M   B O O K I N G   R E Q U I R E M E N T

F O R   W E E K E N D   W E D D I N G S   W E   R E Q U I R E 
A   M I N I M U M   O F   4   P E O P L E
( T H E   B R I D E   P L U S   3 )

T R A V E L   A N D   F E E S

B R I D A L   M A K E U P   I N C L U D E S   2 0   M I L E S   T R A V E L 
A D D I T I O N A L   T R A V E L    R A T E S    U P O N    R E Q U E S T
P A R K I N G   A N D   V A L E T   F E E S   T O   B E   P A I D   B Y   W E D D I N G   P A R T Y
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